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SQPN (Star Quest Production Network) is a multimedia organization specializing in the production of audio and video programs faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Its mission is to respond to the Church’s call to use the media for religious information, for evangelization and catechesis and for formation and education¹.

These audio and video productions are made in different languages and are aimed at an international audience. They focus on building bridges between the dominant popular culture of the Western world and the religious culture and tradition of the Catholic Church in order to reach an audience that has little or no relationship with that Church.

Just as the star of Bethlehem emerged within the foreign culture of the three magi, and invited them to start an adventurous journey to the newborn Savior, the programs of SQPN tap into popular culture to invite people on a journey of discovery towards an encounter with Christ.

SQPN produces on-demand audio and video programs, also known as podcasts, and offers a portal for a select number of affiliated Catholic podcasters that share the vision and media strategy of SQPN.

Looking for free Catholic MP3s of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, and other topics? Rosary Army's various podcasts and audio resources have been downloaded millions of times.

Put these MP3s on your playlist, including the award-winning Rosary Army Podcast Archive. Be a New Evangelizer and share them with others.

Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He began building web pages in 1995 and started podcasting in September of 2005. This is a great new means of evangelization. Pope John Paul II said that we are in need of a new evangelization. Podcasting is a small part of this new work of evangelization. All of us need to do our part in spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
A site for Catholic Teen and Young Adult Youth Ministry
Where Faith and Family come alive

"Fr. Bill's Podcast" is my flagship podcast that started it all for me in September of 2005. Formerly known as "St. Anthony's Podcast." In this podcast, you will mostly hear my weekly homilies, but also some reflections about technology, issues, feedback from listeners, and more.

-Fr. Bill Holtzinger

Busted Halo is a network of ministry and media run by the Paulist Fathers. Busted Halo encourages young adults to explore, grow in and share their faith through contemporary communication tools. Its main components are the website and a Sirius XM Radio show. Busted Halo takes its name from the idea that all God's children are "saints in the making" yet everyone's spiritual journey is fraught with imperfections, struggles and mistakes.
Lino at Large is a 30 minute radio show which is one of the most popular Catholic podcasts in the country. This fast-paced program geared toward young adults is brought to you by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops