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Friday, Feb 22, 2019
The chair has the floor

For a chair to get its own feast day, it’s got to be a pretty special chair. Today’s is just that, because Saint Peter himself, the very first pope, sat upon it. The relic in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is a wooden throne, which Pope Benedict XVI described as a “symbol of the special mission of Peter and his successors to tend Christ’s flock, keeping it united in faith and in charity." Ponder that our church’s leaders stand in a line going all the way back to the apostles, and pray for each one who holds this esteemed position.

TODAY'S READINGS: 1 Peter 5:1-4; Matthew 16:13-19 (535). “Upon this rock I will build my church.”

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My Eyes will by Your Eyes, Your Feet will by My Feet

A blind man and a lame man happened to come at the same time to a piece of very bad road. The former begged the latter to guide him through his difficulties. 'How can I do that,' said the lame man, 'as I am scarcely able to drag myself along? But if you were to carry me I can warn you about anything in the way; my eyes will be your eyes and your feet will be mine.' With all my heart,' replied the blind man. 'Let us serve one another.' So taking his lame companion on his back, they travelled in this way with safety and pleasure.

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