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Sunday Homilies 

Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019
Love compels us

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque was a 17th-century sister often “visited by the presence of God.” Those who experience divine visions tend to have their detractors and Margaret Mary did indeed face criticism from other sisters and some priests. Nonetheless, she developed a devotion to Jesus’ Sacred Heart that the church practices even today. While some may think of this devotion as contemplation of an image of the Sacred Heart, it actually encourages active imitation of Jesus’ unconditional love and mercy for every human being. Look for a way today to imitate that Divine love.

TODAY'S READINGS: Romans 2:1-11; Luke 11:42-46 (469). “But there will be glory, honor and peace for everyone who does good.”

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The Irish pastor said, “Everyone who wants to go to Heaven stand up!” and the whole church stood up.  And he said, “And those who want to go to hell, remain standing!” At the back of the church, old Murphy remained standing.   The pastor said, “Murphy, do you want to go to hell?”  Murphy said, “No, Father… I just hate to see you go there all by yourself!” 

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